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While toy libraries target younger children, libraries that offer video games draw teens. A librarian at the Houston Public Library tells NPR that offering game consoles and iPads “results in a 15% to 20% increase in the circulation of books.” The games themselves also seem to help struggling readers, with some reading text in video game format “that was up to eight grades above their reading level,” says Constance Steinkuehler, an associate professor at the University of Wisconsin.
Having gaming available at libraries has other advantages as well. It gives lower-income youth the chance to play games they may not be able to afford; offers teenagers a safe place; and helps teens understand that the library is a place where they can belong.

The case for making libraries full of toys and games – Quartz (via infoneer-pulse)

I have two friends who taught themselves to read by playing video games.

What matters is that kids read and that they think reading is fun. It doesn’t matter as much what they’re reading. If they read regularly and enjoy reading, they’ll eventually read “worthwhile literature,” too, and they’ll have good enough reading skills to do it.

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This is the third night in a row I’ve been awake for hours and I’m not ok with it.



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Red band society.






Okay, so I recently saw a trailer for this on YouTube. I’m not sure whether or not I’m going to watch it. It really looks like it’s glorifying being in a hospital. I’ve spent a lot of time inpatient, and it certainly doesn’t look like that. Does anyone have any thoughts on this new show?

I’m in the same boat. I’m already hating on it. Also, why is it named after allergy bands?

I think that they think everyone wears a red band, not just people with allergies. I’ve always worn a red band when inpatient, but I have a million and one allergies. But I mean, no one even has IV poles! And they look healthy. Everyone looks healthy, and not sick at all. It’s shaping up to inspire the same kind of posts that the fault in our stars did- the “I wish my boyfriend and I had cancer so we could have a cute relationship like this”.

Everyone’s hair and makeup looks nice. And there’s no streaks of blood, or gigantic bruises, oozing ports, or those fucking hideous hospital socks. This is from a glance at the commercial. I’m sure there’s more. I fear a train wreck.

Here’s the commercial. Looks icky. Not too happy about this.

the five stages of fatigue


one: “i can stay out. i’ve felt worse than this before.”

two: “goddamn it! i’ve got things i need to do today.”

three: “maybe i can take a quick cat nap or promise to sleep late tomorrow.”

four: *uncontrollable sobbing*

five: ok, fine. i have fatigue. i’ll take it easy for now.

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Does anyone have suggestions for fibro and or hypermobility joint pain?

How can I cover my entire body in tea tree oil?



Vile photos show the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border no one is talking about

With a spate of huge stories breaking in the past few weeks, you might not have caught the massive environmental crisis in northern Mexico that began earlier in August.

According to the Associated Press, local politicians claim that Grupo Mexico, a private mining company in Sonora with a troubling track record of hazardous waste violations in Mexico and the U.S., was slow to report a disastrous fault in its leaching ponds, which hold industrial acid used in the mining process. The spill released around 10 million gallons of acid into the Bacanuchi and Sonora Rivers.

20,000 people were without water | Follow micdotcom 

whaaat the FUUUCK


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At a deposition, Ferguson’s former police chief revealed that his staff did not keep records of incidents in which officers used force against citizens, so long as no one died; in other words, there was no way of telling how often incidents like Davis’ happened.

remember shit like this when they talk about how mike brown’s shooter had no disciplinary record

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